Is your office still dependent on a hard copy operations system with paper filing? If so, document management has probably been on your mind. Document management will save time, money, and boost your business security while streamlining simple operations. It sounds incredible, but it’s a simple service that leverages today’s technology and cloud storage solutions to simplify your business workflow.

Learning about document management and why it’s a necessary service for your business will help you make the decision, select your service level, and integrate this easy-to-use yet comprehensive service into your organization.

Paperless is the Answer

Below are some key benefits of document management. If you want to save time (no complicated filing!), money (fewer print supplies!), and space (no hard copy storage!), the decision may be easier than you think.

Document Management Benefits

Employees Can Work Together Easier

Employees can collaborate with mobile phones, email, and online project management systems from anywhere, making group efforts easier than ever before.

Faster Communication with Customers

Customers do not want to wait for a hard copy mailing and return a contract, and they also don’t want to print and sign a document and then mail or fax it back to your business.

It’s common for business deals to drop in this phase because it’s too complicated or time consuming for the client to follow through.

Cut that reason out immediately – communicate quickly and in real time with clients, providing everything they need and a simple return process with document management.

Security Protections on All Documents

Security is essential for cloud storage, and it’s far beyond paper storage and locking file cabinets.

From password protections to zipped folders, confidential files to secure access, your business is all set with security under a document management service.

Save Storage Space

A bigger deal than you might think initially – look around your office at all your folders, file cabinets, and more. Now, imagine that space open for use! It’s a huge benefit to a paperless office.

Work From Anywhere

Document management is the answer to everything. At least one-third of today’s workforce operates off-site at some point in time. With a digital office, you can securely access everything you need.

The team at Thermocopy can help you get started with your digital system. Call or email us today to ask questions and make the jump to a streamlined workplace.