Our Thermocopy president, Steve Sumner, was interviewed recently by Erik Cagle for ENX Magazine. It’s an interesting look at Thermocopy’s past, present and future—along with insightful industry observations. Here’s an excerpt:

ENX: How is business this year? Where do you see your greatest opportunities for growth?

SUMNER: We are on track to hit or exceed our target growth number of 10 percent by the end of the year. There were several keys. We changed our territory strategy to geographic territories. We had an open system prior to last year. We’re getting a lot of traction out of managed IT, which we rolled out this year. Our greatest opportunities for growth continue to be with the products that are our economic engine: MFDs, printers, and solutions that integrate with those products. However, to enhance future revenue streams and profits, in January we implemented a business plan to sell a suite of professional services, including managed IT, cloud solutions, and security compliance audits.

ENX: Tell us about the suite of professional services. How has it fared so far?

SUMNER: We have watched companies that were early adopters of managed IT lose bucket-loads of money over the last 10 years. We hope to have learned from the mistakes and successes of companies that have made profits in the business. It is a difficult sell. We sold our first managed IT deal in April. We are seeing more leads all the time, which is a large part of the game. I am optimistic.

To read the full interview, please visit ENX Magazine: HERE

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