With an increase in data breaches, leaks, and hacks, it’s time to step up security within your office. The first place to start may surprise you – scanning and printing.

The possibility of data breaches or hacks within your internal devices is a little more complicated than what you might think. A good office equipment company can help you with an overview of device security. Here’s how to secure printing and scanning in your office.

Remove old print or scan documents from the device hard drive

If you’re getting rid of an old device, it’s critical to wipe the hard drive, and even remove it and keep it to ensure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Printer hard drives may seem less critical, but they can store all the documents that were printed during the lifespan of the machine. That’s a big deal! Ensure that this drive is safe and erased, if not physically at your business.

Secure online printers and scan to email

Online printers must be set up with a protected network. Also, you can send a print job to the machine as a secure print job, which changes the security settings on the printer. Not sure if you have this feature? A knowledgeable office automation company like Thermocopy, can review printer settings and let you know. Scanning to email is also a more secure option than faxing, as documents won’t sit on the fax machine waiting to be picked up.

Upgrade devices to withstand modern security threats

You may need a new tool for printing and scanning to stand up to recent threats. Evaluate your current machine, network, and security options, and consider upgrading machines for better protection. Consult with your office equipment provider with questions about how you can better protect your office.

Step up Security

Thermocopy can help protect your business in many ways, from optimized print and scanning to managed services. If you want to secure customer data and be proactive against hacks or breaches, contact Thermocopy to learn how to get started.