Wasting space on storage is a common problem. It might even make sense to you; you need the documents, you must store them somewhere; therefore they should be hard copy on site. Right?

Not exactly. You can store the same documents online, with more security, organization, and accessibility. With document management, your files will be scanned to digital copies that are put in a well-organized system. Who knew you could scan your storage problem away?

You don’t need those filing cabinets or storage rooms anymore with everything safe, secure, and backed up online.

Wait, What is a Digital Office?

A digital office means operating in the digital sphere with electronic files. Are you in? Here are some things to know.

How Does Scanning Help?

Scanning is the best way to convert your files to digital copies while keeping the integrity of the document. Once data is digital, you’ll organize files into a user-friendly system that will be easy to access – for you – securely.

Where Do the Files Go?

The files are online, stored in the “cloud.” What is the cloud? It’s just that – an online system of records (like the internet!) that you can’t see, but it’s always there.

Some people don’t trust the digital office or the cloud at first, even though it’s more secure than paper storage. That’s okay. With backup storage, secure access, and other measures in place, we make sure your materials will always be available. Give it a try before you make up your mind for good.

Start Scanning

Storage is a problem for everyone because real estate is very valued. Fix this problem, and solve your storage issues for good. Your new digital office is organized, easy to use, and online. Talk to the experts at Thermocopy to find out how easy it is to get started.