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As an Authorized Ricoh Dealer, Thermocopy carries a comprehensive line of Ricoh copiers and printers. Regardless of your equipment needs, we have the right equipment to satisfy your business needs. Give us a call to learn more about the products and services we have available.

Copiers – All in One copier devices for the Modern Office | Our selection of Ricoh copiers do far more than just copy. They are today’s most advanced multifunction devices that can accomplish a variety of tasks essential to your office.  Regardless of what your technology needs are, Thermocopy has products and solutions that can help streamline your operations and simplify your office document processes. Ricoh copiers give you the ability to copy, print, scan, and fax with finishing options available such as staple, hole punch, and booklet making. Consolidating your office equipment has a variety of benefits such as reducing overhead and improving your efficiency. The document scanning features also gives you great flexibility by having the options to scan to your network, to an email, to a hard drive, the cloud, or directly to mobile devices.  This simplifies the process for the end-user and gives them more control over document routing and retrieval. Reach out to Thermocopy today to see what options are available or to inquire about our copier leasing programs.
Ricoh – An Industry Leader | Ricoh has been at the forefront of workplace innovation for nearly 80 years.  Their equipment and solutions have revolutionized the modern office, while transforming the way people communicate. Ricoh has a strong reputation in the office solutions industry for their copiers, printers, and office equipment. High-quality Ricoh copiers and printers come with a large variety of configuration options and are available in models that can fit the needs of every type of work environment.  It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what the size of your operation is. Their expertise in capturing and transforming information specific to each type of work demand guarantees that there’s a solution available that’s right for you.  In addition to offering a diverse mix of technologies and office equipment, Ricoh also provides document management solutions and services ranging from workflow solutions to collaboration tools and applications. With the backing of an industry leader, let Thermocopy show you how to work smarter.

ricoh copiers tri-cities


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