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Hardware, supplies, software and support included in one convenient price.

Our Business is Improving Yours

At Thermocopy we make it our business to help clients achieve an optimum print output environment which balances productivity, cost and staff satisfaction. We do this by leveraging our expertise, processes, tools, and technology with you and your employees in order to create a total Print Management Solution which easily and cohesively aligns with your internal information technology strategy.

Our Approach

Our Printworks+ consultants to take an educated, informed, and true consultative approach. By focusing on you and your business, we create an individually tailored Print Management Solution which incorporates today’s cutting edge technology with the core values, strategies and aspirations of your company. Our goal is to truly impact your operational efficiencies! In essence, every Thermocopy employee knows that “Our Success is Tied to Your Success!”

A QuickView™ Can Have Long-Term Benefits

By using non-invasive print output measuring technology, floor plans, a complete business walk-through and pre-scheduled interviews, we create a complete QuickView™ which immediately zooms in on your company’s current total print environment usage and costs. This QuickView™ is then utilized to intelligently and effectively offer suggestions to realign your copiers, laser printers, technology and processes, often improving productivity and decreasing expenditures almost immediately.

We offer:

  • Total Care Print Management Solutions
  • Single Point of Accountability
  • Asset Realignment Support
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Multi-Manufacturer Support including Ricoh, HP, Kyocera, Lanier, Lexmark, and Savin
  • Printer Service and Toner Included in one Convenient Price
  • Right On Time Onsite Service and Remote Support through Supportworks

Market research indicates that the total cost of general office printing and related activities cost companies about 2% of its revenues and that total print costs, from desktop to external print, average 6%. At the same time, print and print technology is often treated as an afterthought—something that is usually handled on an ad hoc basis—but this is changing.Info Trends | June 1, 2007

The Opportunity

Companies regularly devote substantial and immeasurable resources to inkjet and laser printers, as well as print related services. Typically this occurs as the result of undefined processes, line of business management and the delegated burden on internal departments due to a lack of centralized print management procedure. The frequent lack of print management process also subjects end users to greater inefficiencies, lower productivity and frequent frustration as a result of the non-existent or ineffectual acquisition, maintenance and supply of business print technology assets.

Acquiring a better understanding of the true cost of printing and related activities such as document scanning, copying and faxing has been commonly difficult because historically it’s been handled in a fragmented manner. As a result, most companies do not know exactly how much it actually costs to print. Print costs routinely include the uncalculated but associated costs of purchasing or leasing, servicing or maintaining the equipment and the acquisition, distribution and use of printing technology parts and supplies. Additionally, help desks are laden with support calls related to printing issues, and other IT resources are needed to support the print infrastructure. Poorly distributed devices, driver issues, downtime, a lack of common user support interfaces and thinly stretched procurement and IT departments inundated with numerous contracts, invoices, leases and other related documentation from multiple vendors also have a negative impact on both productivity and costs.

With your assistance, and by taking a holistic view of your company’s total print environment, we will design for you an individually tailored and centralized print management plan. With our expert help over the past 5 years, hundreds of companies in East Tennessee are capitalizing on the potential savings, increased efficiency and improved productivity that had previously eluded them.

Our trademarked QuickView™ of your current environment could provide the needed intelligence to influence cost reduction, efficiency and better business decisions.

At Thermocopy, we are dedicated to helping our customer partners improve their business condition by being flexible, accountable and proactively delivering high value for the unique needs of each individual client organization. We look forward to partnering with you and your company as well.


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