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Cost Efficient Printers

Offices looking for laser printers in the Knoxville and Tri-Cities area have reliably partnered with Thermocopy for all of their equipment and support needs. Our advanced office products typically operate at a lower cost per page than inkjet printers and can be a more cost effective solution if you’re printing a high volume. Having strategically placed printers can also improve staff productivity by saving trips to the copy room and eliminating long lines at the copier. Our line of laser printers will also improve the eco-friendliness of your office by lowering your carbon footprint and energy usage with an environmentally friendly lineup of low-energy printers.

Networked Laser Printers

Today’s networked printers come with a wide range of functions, and having the right print devices can make a tremendous difference on your budget and your office efficiency.  Thermocopy offers a large assortment of network printers with varying print speeds, duty cycles, duplexing capabilities, wireless connectivity and mobile printing capabilities, as well as the ability to print on multiple sizes and stocks of paper. Contact us today to learn about our B&W and color laser printers.

Managed Print Services

With our Printworks+ program, you can consolidate print devices, reduce your print usage, and streamline the process of managing and maintaining printers. Our consultants will also analyze strategic placement of your devices to ensure the best possible outcome. Managed Print Services will create a print environment that is simple and convenient by rolling all of your service and repair costs, print costs, and IT management costs into one plan with a predictable budget.

Knoxville and Tri-Cities Laser Printers

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Laser printers come in all different sizes, speeds, and functionality. Choosing the right laser printers for your specific work environment and company requirements is an important decision. Our specialists will analyze your current print infrastructure and design a solution that meets you printing demands in the most cost-effective and productive way possible. We will also spend the necessary time to train and answer any questions you might have to ensure the devices you’re using and easy to use.

Here are some questions to consider when evaluating which Laser printers are right for you.

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