Education: Training & Tutorials

Getting the Most from Your Equipment and Software

Equipment Tutorials

Step-by-step guides for basic key operations
These video tutorials provide easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to perform basic tasks like adding toner, editing copies, printing stored documents, and many other functions. Key operators always receive training on their new equipment, but these tutorials are a good resource for anyone who has not received training yet or attended a Thermocopy University session. To watch training videos for Ricoh equipment, please click here:


Schedule A Session

Want to learn more about your Thermocopy equipment and software? Ready to go beyond the basics into specialized tools and tips for your business or department? Contact your Thermocopy representative today to schedule additional education opportunities. You can also call (865) 524-1124 or contact us online. Contact

In ongoing efforts to keep our business community ahead of the technology curve, Thermocopy provides a series of educational seminars and courses. We feel the most important element for growth in an organization is education and knowledge. By attending, you will receive the most up-to-date product knowledge and skills training available in a dynamic, interactive one-on-one learning experience. You will be able to apply knowledge immediately and to contact us with questions. These sessions provide a valuable opportunity to maximize employee skills with customized company training and to develop your career and update your knowledge in document management solutions.

Thermocopy University

Instructor-led workshops and seminars for current Thermocopy clients These courses focus on specific skills and are covered over a lunch & learn session. Each is led by industry experts and taught using equipment and software available to your company. Session topics include utilizing your digital copier features and how to connect your copier to a network to create efficiency in the office environment. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions specific to needs in their company’s environment.

Productivity Possibilities

Instructor-led seminars open to the business community These educational seminars focus on new technology available to the business community and serve to educate those who want to learn about technical advances that help increase productivity in their organization. Technology discussed is non-specific to Thermocopy products. Sessions are entirely informational and educational, covering topics like disaster recovery, data protection, and information management.


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