Thermocopy has always made a top priority of earning the enthusiastic loyalty of our customers. We strive continuously to turn each of our customers into a Raving Fan. In addition to other feedback we receive, the Net Promoter Score provides an opportunity to understand the impact of our actions on customers. It helps us understand how we can build on what we’re doing right and define areas where we can improve, to give our customers a better experience with Thermocopy.

Our customers are most often surveyed following a sales visit or service call on copiers, printers or other office equipment—and all responses are compiled and calculated on a monthly basis by an independent, certified NPS partner that specializes in our industry. Our current Net Promoter Score is 98.9. The year-to-date U.S. average for our industry is 87.6. Among Copier Dealers Association (CDA) members participating in the NPS program, Thermocopy is all-time ranked at #1. Click the links below to learn more about NPS and our award-winning sales, service and support teams!

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