You can make work easier in your office – with a modern workflow and office functions, you can increase productivity and efficiency in a variety of work tasks.

Security, functionality, and simplicity make a workflow a smooth running machine. Microsoft Office 365 solves efficiency problems to streamline a workflow while still offering a comprehensive program.

Microsoft Office 365 coordinates user information across multiple devices including PCs, cell phones and tablets, cloud storage, and applications to integrate your entire office environment and provide a powerful functioning tool for any workstream.

Updates for Today’s Workplace

Establishing a modern desktop for today’s workplace is an essential step in recruiting and retaining employees while also providing the most efficient tools for the company.

The modern desktop experience includes Windows 10 with Office 365 and software updates with security solutions and cloud storage.

These elements develop an experience that is user-friendly and easier to manage for IT and network staff.

Current Office 365 updates include:

  • Firstline Workers solutions
  • Simple device management
  • Lower costs
  • Modern desktop
  • Compliance solutions
  • Integrated administration oversight

Set Up a Contemporary System that Works

The modern office can streamline device management and each workstation to be operational but also simple to navigate. These features allow employees to maximize the software that your company invests in to improve productivity.

Staying updated on office functions is a recruiting and retention tool as well – keeping younger employees devoted, involved, and interested in working for your company is key to growth, and a modern office is an essential part of this recruitment.

Thermocopy has tools to set up a modern workplace and Office 365 system for you. Get in touch to see how easy it is to create a functional and fast environment.