When we think of office security, we often think of significant data breaches at large companies. However, many threats impact small and medium-sized businesses.

Even seemingly benign habits can create a security risk – like leaving a document on the printer, not securing print passwords, or overloaded print hard drives.

Office Security – Stay Up to Date on Changes

Security is always changing, and it’s critical to stay up to date on what security features are necessary, and what risks can affect your business.

Below are a few easy solutions for document security problems that can save your office a breach, hack, or loss of information.

Digital Solutions

Improve general digital security with passwords, encryption, and network check-ups.


Scanning is an easy way to get those hard copy documents off the printer and safely stored in your secure cloud storage. Forgetting or losing files, misplacing reports, and other accidents are a major security issue – scan those documents and monitor where they go.

Document Management

A successful security solution is document management, which is a regular system of scanning and uploading all office documents and resources to an online database so that all materials are electronic, secured, and can’t get lost.

Managed IT

Managed IT is another critical step for a secure office. Instead of burdening your IT department with proactive threat prevention, outsource the larger network management to professionals so your team can troubleshoot and keep devices operating.

Let’s Talk about Security

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