Today’s office has to take extra precautions against security threats. It’s essential to protect your business information and data from hacks, corruption, or removal.

Office 365 has numerous security features created for the exact purpose of security. Office 365 prioritizes availability and disaster recovery, but also operates as a resilient system that will thwart many risks and potential data breaches.

Information Security

While backup solutions offer backup solutions, it’s essential to confirm the type of recovery included as well.

If you experience an attack, you want to come back quickly and to full speed, not take weeks to get back up and running, even if you don’t lose any data.

Office 365 advances traditional backup systems with an all-encompassing in-place solution. The solution allows for multiple backups, and also the creation of policies that can be enforced automatically for all types of content.

Look Beyond Recovery

Office 365 will protect your business information from malicious attacks and other incidents that could eliminate data with the following features:

  • Advanced threat protection – safeguards your entire office suite against sophisticated threats.
  • Auditing – evaluates and analyzes actions taken against your system and within your data storage to protect property.
  • Data loss prevention – identifies, monitors, and protects sensitive data.
  • Threat intelligence – provides real-time threat alerts and reviews data about possible risks.

Protect your Information

Ensure your information is protected because your business relies on it. Office 365 offers solutions for data and information that are more relevant to your business.

Don’t let any aspect of security go without close attention and optimized support. With a little time spent focusing on how to fill in any gaps, you can save a big disaster later if you lose your business data. Get ahead of any problems today!

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