Adding production printing to your business can be a good way to mitigate outsourcing costs and take control of your printing. Investing in a production printer works well for businesses that have growing concerns about commercial printing. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of investing in production printing in house.

Invest in Convenience

Sending jobs out to a commercial printer isn’t always convenient. You are beholden to the vendor, so the time it takes to get the materials back is out of your hands. You also don’t have much say about how the printing is done or what it looks like in the first pass. If you add additional services, like folding and insertion, you could be looking at a significant chunk of time spent waiting.

When you have the ability to complete production printing in house, you have the convenience of getting the job done right when you need it. You don’t have to wait for the equipment to be ready. This gives you the opportunity to try out even more production printing options as well.

Invest in Control

Much like convenience, control is a big benefit of in-house production printing. For example, you can test printed materials before committing to a large batch. This is incredibly useful when you are trying out new materials for clients or for advertising. If the look of the document doesn’t quite match what you had in mind, you don’t have to keep printing.

Control is an important consideration when it comes to security, too. Outsourcing print jobs when the data is sensitive can be risky. Keeping it in-house helps you take care of any compliance concerns, and it keeps your proprietary information safe.

Invest in Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing production print can be spendy in the long run. Third-party printers aren’t overly concerned with utilizing the most cost effective solutions. They also tend to charge additional fees that can add up. Printing in-house enables you to take control of print costs. You have the ability to seek money-saving solutions and to print in smaller volumes — something not always available in outsourcing.

Investing in in-house production printers isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely worth looking into, however, especially if you are concerned about security, cost, control, or convenience. Let Thermocopy tell you about available print solutions like production printing. Contact us today to learn more!