What if you could do away with the frustration of spending additional hours wading through drives looking for a specific file? You would implement it immediately, right?

There is a solution for you, in the form of digital imaging. Read on to learn how this service can improve your time management and improve search functions.

Digital Imaging Explained

Digital imaging is the process of scanning a document to create a digital text file from a paper document.

How does this help you? The file is then searchable by keyword by using character recognition software.

Digital imaging is a major benefit of scanning, but there even more opportunities for efficiency in your office.

Scanning – Options and Benefits

  • Save space – cut back on all the storage space for hard copy documents by creating electronic versions that can be organized carefully and retrieved quickly.
  • Provide user-friendly options – customers prefer electronic documents for simple signatures, approvals, and more.
  • Improve security and compliance – it’s much easier to track a paper trail or require authentication for access to digital imaging.
  • Easy collaboration – quickly view, access, and share materials for projects and meetings by scanning files to electronic copies.

Scanning to digital images offers a resource that you can use to expand your reach, employee production, and user capabilities.

Leverage available technology to work for you and help you reach your business goals.

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