Security is a critical part of your business that may cover more issues that you immediately imagine. Email and web threats are common concerns, but also, companies can be destroyed by disaster, theft, malware attacks, and data breaches.

Security Comes First

Protect your business from security threats with Managed IT services, which coordinates defense against destruction from an IT standpoint.

1. Cloud-Based Data Protection

For peace of mind, cloud-based protection provides off-site storage solutions and backup options that keep your business protected. If something happens to your business like a natural disaster or major theft incident, the off-site backup will cover everything.

2. On-site Daily Monitoring

Working collaboratively with your off-site backup, managed IT services will coordinate an on-site daily monitoring system to manage risks or possible technical outages.

3. Endpoint Protection

Managed IT works closely to understand and leverage endpoint protection for the benefit of your business. When used properly, endpoint protection can mitigate attacks on office devices as your network grows with your business.

4. Email and Web Security

Secure IT assets including business, personnel, and client data from email threats like spam and malicious web issues. Managed IT is a quick response team that can solve your security issues quickly and completely.

Managed IT – The Security Answer

To ensure your business is protected and secure, turn to the managed IT services professionals. At Thermocopy, the knowledgeable staff has been in the business long enough to understand various security options for every company.

Managed IT services can be specific or all-encompassing, depending on what you need. Thermocopy can help – get in touch today.