Think about how your workflow operates in your law firm. Do you, partners, or associates spend a lot of time wading through data and information? Do you seem to waste time trying to find the right document? Do you get frustrated or delegate data searching to others because it seems taxing?

This is not unique, but there is the perfect solution – Office 365. While not always marketed specifically to law firms, Microsoft Office 365 may be the cloud-based data management and collaboration system that will streamline your workflow to improve productivity and save time.

Office 365 for Legal Work

Finding the right data solution for your law firm may seem challenging, but Office 365 has an answer for everyone, and with the right business partner, you’ll get exactly what you need. Read on for the four main reasons your law firm will be running smoothly with Office 365.

1. Security

Almost 90% of American businesses use the cloud for information storing, and the security is unmatched offline.

Why do we still hear about hacks then? This is logical to wonder, but the answer is easy. The cloud doesn’t protect against human error. Writing down passwords, leaving screens unlocked, and sharing information are the cause of many leaks. Security online is much better than hard copy documents that you can forget, lose, or set down somewhere (be honest, we’ve all done it).

2. Flexibility and Scalability

Add or remove programs and users based on your firm. Do you need more features? Not using everything you signed up for? Feel free to scale and flex your system to work for you continuously.

3. Client Relationship Management Tools

It’s possible now to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365 to access your CRM from anywhere. Track referrals, performance, billing, campaigns, and more with your online system.

4. Access Anywhere

Get access to all documents and data from anywhere. This is extremely important for lawyers. Many people remember the days of leaving a file in the office – the solution is the cloud. Office 365 will always be available to you, wherever you are.

Let’s Get Started

Office 365 is for you – if your legal team needs an accessible, reliable, secure software program. How easy is it to get your office on board? When you get in touch with Thermocopy, we’ll line out all the next steps to make it simple and fast to fix your office workflow. Contact us today.