Web security is a major concern for most companies today. Cyber attacks, legitimate threats, and data loss are all real problems that can impact any size business and cause a decline in funds, or even can shut down an operation.

Web Security and Managed IT

To stay on top of security, you have to not only oversee devices, passwords, network connectivity and other issues; you need to address potential hacks or threats proactively. You want to protect your business before a breach occurs, but that can be one of the most significant challenges in IT.

Pay attention to passwords

Occasionally with upgrades, employees will need to change passwords. However, you can also confirm passwords often change with prompts, time limits, and specific password requirements.

Secure loopholes

Some software upgrades have security holes, and some programs have loopholes for hackers. You can try to be aware of these through reviews and online information, or invest in a management partner to stay on top of any potential issues.

Outsource IT management

If keeping up with your web security and IT is sinking your business (or wasting time, money, and resources), then you should consider Managed IT.

Managed IT will consistently update software, discover high-risk issues, check passwords, oversee connectivity, and manage risks before they threaten your entire business. It’s an investment that can save your business.

Start Your Secure Office with Managed IT

Thermocopy’s managed IT team has the expert experience you are looking for to secure your office operations, web interactions, and devices.

Connectivity and security don’t always go together – Thermocopy can streamline services to ensure you’re ahead of the game and won’t get sidelined by a data breach. Contact us today to get started.