Microsoft 365 is quickly becoming the collaboration go-to for offices everywhere. Combining security, with critical project management elements, the software has revamped how your team works together.

In every industry, having a productive, high performing workforce is the only way to get ahead and stay ahead in a constantly changing tech world.

Microsoft 365 makes teamwork easier for all types of teams, from major corporations to small business owners working to expand.

Today’s Microsoft 365

1. Collaboration

Microsoft Teams now has a free version available, which will address a major need.

For up to 300 people, you can use the following benefits and more:

  • Unlimited chat messages and search.
  • Audio and video calling for individuals and full team meetups.
  • Team file storage up to 10GB plus 2 GB per person.

2. Presentation

The overall presentation of Office 365 is more accessible with closed captioning, speaker timelines, and transcription.

You’ll never have to set up captions quickly, work to assign transcribing, or mess with last-minute details of managing a team again. It’s all included.

3. Access

Access from anywhere is critical, but now you can brainstorm and build products, plans, and improve outcomes with digital canvas capabilities.

This means you can take a minute to redesign, update an idea, or include a new innovative team member without going backward.

Office 365 Starts Here

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