Your business image is dependent on many things, and we often think of our branded image – our website and marketing materials – first.

These resources have a significant impact on how your business is viewed. However, the way that you communicate and continuously interact from day to day is as essential to the business image as more static operations.

Office 365 and Your Company

How do you reach out? Is your communication style easy, functional, and branded? Office 365 has all the resources to streamline communications and projects so that your business is optimized from the inside out.

1. Create a clean, impactful organizational image

This means branding across tools – from website to letterhead, memos, spreadsheets, and more. Ensure that as you share information, everything is consistent with your company’s look and feel.

From your PowerPoint presentation (many companies use a template) to your internal messages, from shared spreadsheets to press releases, ensure that everything is on the same track that points back to your business.

2. Give back

This is another, more activity focused way to impact your organizational image, but it can have a huge benefit. Your vision and passion are probably also reflected in something you care about.

Select a nonprofit or group that you feel passionate about, and support them through your business. Whether that’s sponsorship or a volunteer day, showing up will be another piece of your more substantial impact.

3. Prioritize work-life balance

Office 365 really streamlines work-life balance tools. Prioritize work-life balance and make it easier by using simple tools like Excel and Word to coordinate schedules, dinner plans, and vacation requests. When you care about balance, that will reflect well on your company.

Where to Start

The ideal way to set up your new office life with Office 365 is to contact a dealer like Thermocopy. That way, all your concerns are addressed, and the change is simple. Get in with Thermocopy to build your business image.