Office 365 is a leading business solution, but maybe you have hit a few speed bumps while using it. First of all, your providing business is happy to help with concerns and questions, so you can always call or email Thermocopy to clear up problems.

Here are three tips for making the most of your Office 365:

Optimize Connectivity

Office 365 is designed to connect quickly, securely, and directly with the Office 365 software. However, there can be issues with network hairpins lengthening the network paths between users and the Microsoft global network. This problem decreases the performance of Office 365 and slows down the network. To prevent this, optimize connectivity by clearing up connectivity and hosting issues with cloud-based security vendors, or providing local egress and local DNS.

Reduce Round Trip Time

Simplifying network design and using the internet for connectivity is the best way to reduce round trip time (RTT) and improve performance. RTT from your network to the Microsoft global network can be significantly reduced by protecting against hairpinning and not centralizing network traffic to centralized locations.

Manage Web Traffic

Office 365 offers users streamlined security options that don’t add to cost and resources or reduce network connection performance. All servers are hosted in Microsoft data centers, which have well-outlined data center security, operational security, and risk reduction to protect users, networks, servers, and endpoints.

Increase Productivity with Office 365

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