Every office has old file boxes and file cabinets that go entirely unused. No one even looks through the old files usually, meaning that this space can be much more efficient for storage or active working.

Businesses have many documents that come through the workflow, from receipts to reports to meeting handouts. Organizing these items can have a substantial impact on business operations and efficiency.

Organization Equals Success

It’s true – when employees know exactly where something goes or where to find what they need, they are more successful than those in a cluttered office.

The best way to organize your office and set employees up for success is to archive old files in a searchable database and create a system for capturing new records. Document management makes this process easy with digital data and an outlined organizational system.

Scanning documents to convert them to electronic files is faster than ever thanks to new scanning technology that syncs perfectly with your document management system.

Here are some tips for office organization that can make a big difference.

1. Streamline filing and retrieval

From where documents go when they are received to how to access historical files, document management makes everything easier with digital resources. Search for what you need and quickly save the resource in the proper place. Just this step can save hours every week.

2. Declutter the office

Once you have a document management system in place, it’s time to declutter. Move out old filing cabinets once all resources are electronic, and imagine what you can do with space.

3. Limit additional office items

This is the proactive step. Try to limit new items brought into the office so that the old space doesn’t just fill up with junk. Manage the space actively to be used most beneficially by all employees, and you can appreciate your organizational system every day.

Technology Can Help

Let Thermocopy do some of the work for you. In your decluttering and file organization, scanning old documents or investing in a paperless solution is a great way to save space and create a functional file system.

Thermocopy can set up the strategy that works for you. Call or email today to see how easy it is to get organized and stay on top of office management.