Your office is already on the go, whether you are set up for it or not. Whatever your brick-and-mortar building or home office situation is, you take calls, send emails, access paperwork, and run meetings off-site and while running around.

Time to make your business work for you by building a successful mobile office plan.

Why You Need to Move

Almost 30% of today’s workers are working off-site at some point, and even more are working while traveling between client meetings, on work trips, or attending training. If your employees and managers want to be productive, enable this mobile style with options that work. You can make it easier for your team to get more work done than every before – from anywhere.

Still wondering if it’s right for you? Here are the critical aspects of a mobile office:

1. Cloud Storage

Keeping must-have materials, presentations, data, and other work info in the cloud means that you can access it from anywhere. Whether it’s a temporary workspace or an airport, your team can call in and access everything they need.

Materials saved in the cloud can be part of your document management system (the easiest way to operate digitally), and you can scan them in as well.

2. Document Management

The answer to the mobile office is document management. This service organizes files into easy-to-find online folders and creates a system of digitizing all office materials and even historical data. With document management, you’ll immediately see a boost in productivity based on the storage design, organization, and simplified processes. Plus, everything is online and secure, making it the best solution to your digital needs.

3. Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions are specifically for the office that wants to provide flexibility to employees while improving productivity. From mobile print to data access to scanning, adding these solutions to your digital strategy means employee can leverage their mobile office.

Thermocopy Can Make Your Office Mobile

At Thermocopy, we have the experience to set up a document management solution that addresses your needs, fits your budget, and saves you money and time in the long term.

It’s a win/win solution for your business – not only will the process be easier, but it will be faster. Not only will you save space, you’ll save money. Let’s get started – contact us for the next steps.