Leasing vs. buying is an excellent consideration for businesses to make when investing in office products. There is no one right answer for every company, and it’s easy to make a sweeping generalization, but there are many unique considerations for each situation.

Everything from use (printing, scanning, faxing) to volume to tax situations can impact which option is better for your business. Since leasing is sometimes the best bet but is not always understood, here are a few reasons why rental may be better for you.

Benefits of Leasing Office Machines

1. It’s easy to upgrade to new technology

With a lease, when your term is up, you can easily jump up to the next best thing that was recently released. Especially if your business functions in a high-level technical world, you may need this feature. Especially if your business focuses on high-quality scanning or printing, advancing technology can offer big improvements.

Never get left behind or wait for too many updates to make a move. Upgrade when your lease is through to stay ahead of the game.

2. You can structure the lease to meet your needs

Organize the lease around what you need. From monthly payment amount to date of payment, the term of the lease, and more, you can take a look at your cash flow and make it work for you.

3. Low costs upfront

The big benefit to leasing – lower costs upfront. If your business can’t make the investment of a purchase quite yet, or it just makes more sense to pay monthly, leasing is your answer.

As always, consider costs over time, but the evaluation of paying upfront or monthly is one of the clearest determinations to make about leasing or buying.

Buy or Lease? Ask Thermocopy

If you’re considering buying or leasing office equipment, ask Thermocopy for guidance toward which option is the most reasonable for your business.

The experts at Thermocopy can answer your questions and set you up with the office equipment you need. Get in touch with Thermocopy to learn more.