Production printing is a necessary part of office projects. High quality and efficiency are two top concerns for business owners, so the question is whether to print in-house or to outsource.

At Thermocopy, we know it’s possible to save money and complete large production printing projects in-house by using the highest level equipment.

How to print the best quality projects at your office:

1. Know Your Dealer

Select a dealer that responds quickly to inquiries, provides objective information about equipment, and understands the needs at your office. If the company isn’t helpful when you are in the research phase of purchasing, you probably can’t rely on them when you need repairs or have problems.

2. Invest in the Right Product

Powerful and versatile production printers are essential for commercial and in-house print centers that need one system to do it all. Find the best production printing equipment that delivers high-quality color products, high uptime, and smooth inline finishing options.

3. Understand Cost/Benefit

It can be hard to put down the money upfront. Buying a top notch product may seem like a high price at first, but think about all the money saved from outsourcing that will add up over the years. While printing in-house costs just under .10 per page on average, outsourcing can cost up to three times as much. It’s better to pay upfront for the best product for your company than to pay a business to print projects every few weeks.

4. Prioritize Efficiency

By purchasing the right product for your office, you will make company efficiency one of the top priorities. Allow your employees to save time with a reliable, fast production printer, and save your business money by getting the best piece of equipment.

Save Money with the Right Product

The question of printing in-house or outsourcing production printing is easy to answer if you have the right printer. Contact Thermocopy to find the best fit for your company and start saving on printing costs.