Smart business owners are always trying to increase efficiency — after all, time is money, and a more productive office is a happier one.

One simple way to boost productivity in a number of ways is to invest in a Ricoh multifunction printer (MFP). MFPs offer all-in-one capability with options to print, copy, fax, and scan, but they also offer new ways of doing things in the office.

Here are a few of the productivity-boosting benefits of Ricoh MFPs.

Closer to Paperless

If going completely paperless seems like an unattainable pipe dream for your business, you might be surprised to find out that MFPs offer methods of paperless practices that are easy to implement. You can move toward more paperless practices and see enhanced productivity, even if you stil rely on paper for some of your everyday business.

Better Workflows

MFPs offer a centralized location for workflows, and they provide means of making your office’s workflows more effective. In addition, you can add a variety of performance and security features, so you’ll have the added bonus of customized and secure functionality.

Increase Collaboration

Collaboration is key in your organization. And, with an increased need for remote collaboration from off-site workers to customers who expect to do business via email, MFPs fill the need for better collaboration tools. You can send and receive invoices, share plans on job sites, or edit a crucial document from across the country.

Overall Enhanced Productivity

The gist is this: MFPs give you more opportunities for better productivity. Whether you want more control over the flow of information or less paper waste, there is a model that can help you achieve long term goals and update your office’s practices immediately.

No matter your industry or specific need, Ricoh office equipment has solutions that make sense. Contact Thermocopy today to learn more!