Our Committment To Environmental Sustainability


As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen our corporate commitment to be an environmentally responsible business partner, Thermocopy has created a program called Greenworks—an internal environmental initiative.

The mission of this program is to identify and implement processes that our company can utilize to reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew resources. On this page you can learn more about our corporate Environmental Sustainability Plan—our commitment to customers and the community. We also track and post the results of our internal green efforts and provide information to customers on topics like recycling toner and reducing waste.

We are a recognized member of the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program.

Eco Excellence Program dealers share sustainability values with Ricoh — and as a recognized member, we are committed to reducing our own environmental impact and helping customers do the same. When customers work with us, they can be confident that our team is prepared to talk about sustainability, educate about best practices and lead them through the products, services and solutions that have environmental benefits.

Membership in the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program is awarded only to dealers that meet key criteria — including the dealer’s track record of environmental sustainability commitment and ability to provide customers with education, awareness, program support and guidance. Whether you have a key target goal for resource reduction or just want to improve the sustainability of your workplace, we can walk you through major sustainability improvement areas — including modernizing laser printers, printing more efficiently, making use of digital processes and creating a sustainable workplace. Download our Ricoh guide to Becoming Sustainable.

Green Business Recognition

Thermocopy sponsors the Knoxville Chamber’s annual Earth Day event. Thermocopy is one of the inaugural members of the Chamber’s Green Business Recognition Program. This program is co-sponsored by GoGreenET. Local businesses particpate by downloading a survey that includes 100-plus ways to reduce their carbon footprint. By checking at least one item in each category and scoring at least 30 points, participating businesses become Green Achievers. More than 100 organizations have participated since the program’s launch. See More

Go Green East Tennessee

Thermocopy is proud to be a Founding Sponsor of GoGreenET.com — a website and online directory created to help area businesses reach their goals to be more environmentally responsible. GoGreenET.com’s directory fulfills a need for a business-focused resource to help businesses go green in East Tennessee. It lists area companies and organizations that offer eco-friendly products, services and/or information. The organization also works in partnership with the Knoxville Chamber to recognize local businesses that have made efforts to reduce their environmental impact with the Green Business Recognition Program. See More

Recognition For Our Efforts

Thermocopy received statewide recognition as a green business leader with a prestigious Keep Tennessee Beautiful and Tennessee Department of Transportation 2009 Award of Excellence. We are proud that Keep Knoxville Beautiful recognized Thermocopy with the 2008 Environmental Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement By A Large Business based on both internal efforts and community involvement. We have also been recognized by Knox County as a Platinum Level Recycle Champion since the inaugural group was named including local green business leaders such as Earth Fare, Three Rivers Market, Sustainable Future, Bush Brothers, and others.

Is your company concerned about reducing its impact on the environment? We can show you how to go green while reducing energy, toner and paper costs.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our Printworks+ Print Management Services include a customized Environmental Impact Assessment with document management and workflow solutions that can help reduce landfill waste, energy usage, and the amount of paper used. Our experienced specialists will provide a detailed economic and benefit analysis comparison of the recommended model to your current state. This customized assessment will help your company go green with suggestions and recommendations on reducing your environmental footprint — with an emphasis on saving energy, paper and toner. See More

Recycling Your Toner Cartridges

It’s easy to recycle your toner and fax cartridges. Just follow the instructions printed on the cartridge or included in the packaging. Most toner cartridges can be sent back to the manufacturer for recycling (there may be a pre-paid shipping label). There are also several local companies that recycle toner cartridges. Most toner containers can be recycled along with no. 1 to 7 plastics, so you can just recycle them along with your other mixed plastics. Toner cartridge recycling information links:


Thermocopy Environmental Sustainability Plan

It is our company policy:

  • For all employees to utilize containers placed throughout our facilities to recycle cardboard, glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum products.
  • To use 30% post-consumer (minimum) recycled paper for printing or copying whenever possible.
  • To print all documents utilizing the duplex feature whenever possible.
  • To send to a recycling facility all non-functional equipment, e-scrap and equipment packing materials.
  • To utilize energy and water saving products on a replacement basis.
  • To utilize eco-friendly cleaning products and practices, including contracted janitorial services.





Our recycling program includes various materials such as office paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, e-scrap and more. Receptacles for these materials are in place throughout our facilities including our offices, warehouse, workshop, and breakroom areas. E-scrap is a mix of various plastic and metal materials that come from computers, copiers, printers, and other office equipment.

 Recycled Materials y-t-d
2016  total since start of program 
 Cardboard & Paper 27,430 lbs. 38,430 lbs. 488437 lbs.
 E-scrap 51,960 lbs. 34,987 lbs. 257207 lbs.
 Aluminum Cans 0 lbs. 0 lbs. 202 lbs.
 Plastics 0 lbs. 0 lbs. 5,364 lbs.
 Total Materials Recycled 79,390 lbs.
73,417 lbs. 751210 lbs.


Environmental Impact
y-t-d  2016  total since start of program 
Paper Saved (tons) 13.7 19.2 125.85 tons
Trees Saved (no. of trees) 234 327 2,147.5 trees
Oil Saved (gallons) 5,351 7,496 49,115.5 gallons
Landfill Use (cubic yards) 41.0 58.0 378.0 yds
Fresh Water Saved (gallons) 96,040 134,540 881,545 gallons
Energy Saved (kwh) 56,252 78,802 516,333.5 kwh



To improve efficiency and help reduce the amount of paper used to transfer information within our organization, Thermocopy routinely updates our internal document management assessment. We use our own PRINTWORKS strategies for better document management. We encourage all employees to consider whether a hard copy is really needed before printing a document. Our equipment is set to print in duplex mode whenever possible. Thermocopy has switched to 30% post-consumer recycled paper for our internal document output. The impact of this change alone has resulted in significant environmental savings. The statistics below reflect Thermocopy’s internal usage of 30% post-consumer recycled content paper.

 Paper Usage  y-t-d 2016  total since start of program  
 30% PCR Paper 192,000 sheets 339,000 sheets 996550 sheets
  Paper Usage
Environmental Impact
2016  total since start of program 
 Trees Saved 17 trees 33 trees 401 trees
 Oil Saved 35 gallons 71 gallons 809 gallons
 Landfill Use (cubic yards) 0.17 yds 0.33 yds 3.62 yds
 Fresh Water Saved 2,578 gallons 5,156 gallons 56,198 gallons
 Energy Saved 1,439 kwh 2,878 kwh 27,974 kwh



  Environmental Impact
2016  total since start of program 
 Paper Saved (tons) 13.7 19.2 125.88 tons
 Trees Saved (no. of trees) 251 360 2548.5 trees
 Oil Saved (gallons) 5,386 7,567 431,143.5 gallons
 Landfill Use (cubic yards) 41.17 58.33 381.62 yds
 Fresh Water Saved (gallons) 98,618 139,696 937743 gallons
 Energy Saved (kwh) 57,691 81,680 544,307.5 kwh

At Thermocopy, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We started to wonder… what if other companies that are our size adopted the same practices? We found that if only half of the 5,555,100 companies in the U.S. with less than 100 employees achieved the same current results as Thermocopy, the combined impact would be:

  Estimated National Impact
 y-t-d 2016 
 Paper Saved (tons) 38,107,986 53,384,511
 Trees Saved (no. of trees) 697,165,050 999,918,000
 Oil Saved (gallons) 14,959,884,300 21,017,720,850
 Landfill Use (cubic yards) 114,351,734 162,014,492
 Fresh Water Saved (gallons) 273,916,425,900 388,012,624,800
 Energy Saved (kwh) 160,239,637,050 226,870,284,000

Here’s another way of looking at those nationwide impact measurements:

  Estimated National Impact
 y-t-d 2016 
 No. of 4ft. Walls of Paper from New York City to L.A. 114 walls 160 walls
 No. of Forests the Size of Rhode Island Saved (750 trees/acre) 1.39 forests 1.99 forests
 Percentage of Annual U.S. Oil Consumption (7.2 billion barrels) 4.979% 6.995%
 No. of Empire State Buildings of Landfill Use (cubic yds.) 83 buildings 118 buildings
 No. of Olympic Size Pools of Water Saved 1,082,139 pools 1,532,889 pools
 No. of Homes Powered (920kwh average per month) 174,173,519 homes 246,598,135 homes



Green Cleaning
Thermocopy has switched to a “green cleaning“ policy in our facilities. Our janitorial service uses non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions as part of their routine processes. Using these products reduces our environmental impact as a business because it helps to eliminate many toxic chemicals from landfills and groundwater. Studies show that the reduction in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) also leads to improved indoor air quality and better employee health.

Reducing Energy Usage
Thermocopy is also implementing strategies to save energy (and lower our utility bills) by installing improved, programmable thermostats, replacing conventional lighting with energy-efficient products, and encouraging all employees to be conscientious about their energy usage. All of our computers, printers and other office equipment are set to sleep mode.

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